Tankers of the soviet fishing fleet
Photo Type of the vessel
Main dimensions
Years of building
Country of building

"Kaliningradneft" type tanker
115.50x17.00x7.00 m 1978-1983 Finland

"Los" type tanker
(design 587)
110.40x13.40x3.54 m 1958-1963 Russia

"Altay" type tanker
(design 160)
106.14x15.40x6.74 m 1967-1973 Finland

"Aksay" type tanker
(design 6404)
105.40x14.78x6.09 m 1961-1967 Finland

"Pevek" type tanker
(design 92)
105.10x14.78x6.12 m 1958-1960 Finland

"Drogobych" type tanker
105.10x14.78x6.07 m 1955-1958 Finland

"Vasiliy Klimenko" type tanker
98.00x15.60x6.39 m 1995 South Korea

"Baskunchak" type tanker
(design 1545)

83.55x12.00x4.65 m 1964-1972 USSR

Inshore tanker
(design 610)

77.53x14.00x5.40 m 1982-1992 Bulgaria

"Ogre" type tanker
(design B-74)

75.25x10.00x4.45 m 1962 Poland

Tanker "Yeruslan"
75.08x10.52x4.34 m 1916 Germany

"Ufa" type tanker
69.04x10.00x4.06 m 1953-1955 Finland

"Ishim" type tanker
68.49x10.38x4.24 m 1951-1953 Sweden

Tanker "Amburan"
64.00x9.05x3.11 m 1940 Germany

Tanker "Maksim Gorkiy"
63.70x10.90x4.80 m 1937 Japan

"Alazan" type tanker
(designs 437N and 437NM)

63.15x10.00x3.71 m 1954-1961 USSR

Inshore tanker
(design 585)

60.55x10.50x4.78 m 1970-1980 Bulgaria

USA built inshore tanker
(design 294)

55.64x9.10x3.41 m 1944 USA

"Flora" type pollution control vessel
(design 13502)

based on "Raduzhnyy" type fish carrier
54.90x9.52x4.47 m 1982-1986 USSR

Inshore tanker
(design 1271A)

52.50x10.50x4.20 m 1966-1968 Bulgaria

Fuel oil tanker "Dalstroy"
49.75x7.80x3.69 m 1945

Fuel oil tanker
based on logger type trawler
42.95x7.30x3.21 m 1953-1957

Tank barge "Pinagor"
33.57x7.60x2.18 m 1973 USSR

Pollution control vessel
(design 1344STS)

31.50x6.00x1.00 m 1976-1989? USSR

Pollution control vessel
(design 1582)

29.30x7.50x2.78 m 1974-1977 USSR

Pollution control vessel
(design 1582U)

29,17x7,50x3,12 m 1974-1993 USSR

Pollution control vessel
(design 1582S)

29,17x8,15x2,78 m 1974-1979 USSR
Photo Type of the vessel
Main dimensions
Years of building
Country of building
Notice: Main dimensions - Length x Breadth x Draught

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