Bulgarian Casualties
23.08.1979 - "AURELIA"  Bulgarian; motor stern trawling fish factory; Okeansky Ribolov; 1974; Stocznia in. Komuny Paryskiej, Gdynia; 2,468; 88.88 x 15 02 x 9.40 metres.
  While at Lisbon, undergoing a refit, the Bulgarian motor stern trawling fish factory "Aurelia" was gutted by a fire on August 23, 1979 She was grounded during attempts to extinguish the blaze, not being refloated until September 10. There were no injuries.
 Having been declared a constructive total loss, the "Aurelia" was towed to Bourgas in 1980 to be broken up. (from Maritime Casualties 1963-1996 by N.Hooke)

25.04.1990 - "KONDOR"   Bulgarian; motor stern-trawling fish factory; Okeansky  Ribolov (Bulgarian Ocean Fishing); 1969; VEB Volkswerft Stralsund, Stralsund; 2,654 grt; 82.02 x 13.64 x 5.20 metres.
  Having sailed from Ullapool, on the north-western coast of Scotland, on April 24, 1990, bound for Falmouth, the 21-year-old Bulgarian motor stern-trawling fish factory "Kondor" struck rocks and grounded at Sgeir Graidach, off the Isle of Skye, at 0200 on April 25. The entire 28-man crew was rescued by Stornoway lifeboat when the weather conditions worsened. The "Kondor" then refloated at 0700 and was taken in tow by the motor fishing vessel "Agate" bound for Stornoway for repairs. However, due to the leakage, she sank in lat. 58 02.5N, long. 06 18.4W, later the same day. Pollution of the vessel's leaking fuel oil then occurred. (from Maritime Casualties 1963-1996 by N.Hooke)

01.12.1991 - "BAKLAN"  Bulgarian; motor stem-trawling fish factory; Okeansky Ribolw (Bulgarian Ocean Fishing); 1967; "Chernomorskzy" Shipyard, Nikolayev; 3,006 grt; 84.69 x 14.03 x 10.01 metres.
  While under repair at Perama on December 1, 1991, a fire broke out in the engine-room of the 24-year.old Bulgarian motor stern-trawling fish factory "Baklan". She was taken in tow and grounded at Ambelaki, Salamis, where the fire was extinguished on December 2. With serious damage having been sustained, the "Baklan" was sold to Turkish shipbreakers and towed to Aliaga in August, 1992, to be scrapped. (from Maritime Casualties 1963-1996 by N.Hooke)

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