Cuban Casualties
03.01.1970 -
"DELFIN" - built in 1962, IMO:5403099, owner - Flota Cubana de Pesca, flag - Cuba, port of registry - Havana.
  She was wrecked on January 3, 1970 when she ran aground on coral reef northwest end of Cuba in lat. 22°14'N, long. 84°43'W.

10.1974 -
"GOLFO DE TONKIN" - built in 1969, IMO:6922432, owner - Flota Cubana de Pesca, flag - Cuba.
  While berthed at port Cape Town she caught fire. Fire was extinguished.

01.1975 -
"PLAYA COLORADA" - built in 1969, IMO:6929129, owner - Flota Cubana de Pesca, flag - Cuba.
  While berthed at port Cape Town a fire broke out in the engine-room of the trawler.

11.02.1989 -
"RIO ZAZA" motor stern-trawling fish factory; Government of the Republic of Cuba (Empresa Flota Cubano de Pesca); 1977; Hijos dej.Barreras S.A., Vigo; 2,634 grt; 106.86 x 14.53 x 8.51.
  As a consequence of a collision with the Taiwanese motor fishing vessel Shun Cheng No. 66 in bad weather conditions in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 300 miles off the coast of Argentina, the 12-year-old Cuban motor stern-trawling fish factory Rio Zaza sank on February 11, 1989. All 86 members of her crew were safely taken on board another Cuban motor stern-trawling fish factory, the Rio Najasa, which proceeded to Montevideo. The Taiwanese vessel decided to proceed directly to Taiwan for repairs due to the magnitude of the damage that she had sustained. (from Maritime Casualties 1963-1996 by N.Hooke)

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