"Bentos-300" type submersible laboratory
design 1603


 Two submersibles of this design were built at Leningrad. They operated together with support vessels "Divnyy" and "Gordyy", which were converted from 393 type whale catchers.
 In 90s submersibles and support vessels became unnecessary. "Divnyy" sank at Novorossiysk in 1993. In 2000 refloated and scrapped. "PLB-76-01" sank at Novorossiysk too. In 2011 refloated and scrapped. "PLB-76-02" sank at Sevastopol. Four years later she was refloated and are waiting for further fate.
Purpose of the vessel:     - underwater teleshooting, filming and photography
    - hydrometric observations
    - sampling of water, soil and benthos when submerged
    - search and recording of fishery objects, and prediction and estimation of their stock
Length (m) 30.30
Breadth (m) 6.60
Height (m) 11.30
Displacement (tonnes) 50.5
Weight (tonnes) 51
Speed under water (kn) 1.5
Crew 12
Operating depth (m) 320
Active submerged work time (days)
7 (14)
Passive submerged period (hr) -
Power supply
rechargeable batteries
Number of units 2
Years of building 1976-1983
Built by
"Leningradskoe Admiralteyskoe Obyedinenie", Leningrad, USSR

List of submersibles
Yard. №
Date of built
01830 27.09.1976 "ПЛБ-76-01" ("PLB-76-01")
01831 02.09.1983 "ПЛБ-83-02" ("PLB-83-02")

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