Multi-purpose mother ship "Vostok"
design 400


 One ship of this type were delivered in 1971. Largest factory mother ship in the world. She carried 14 small trawler-seiners which were directed to the fish shoals by a helicopter, based onboard the Vostok. Trawler-seiners were equipped for fishing by trawl, purse seine and electric fishing. In 1974 they were removed and "Vostok" begun to work together with "Vasiliy Yakovenko" type freezer trawlers.
Purpose of the vessel:     - production of frozen and canned fish, fish meal, fish-oil
Length OA (m) 224.50  (224.54)
Length BP (m) 210.00
Breadth extreme (m) 28.05
Molded breadth (m) 28.00  (27.97)
Depth to upper deck (m) 16.70 (16.74)
Load draught, average (m) 9.95
Displacement (tonnes) 43400
Deadweight (tonnes) 21540
Gross tonnage / Net tonnage (register tons)
28163 / 11739
Carrying capacity (tonnes) 13020
Main engines:

    - Type of main engine
steam turbine
    - Number and power (Bhp each)
    - Main engine model
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
Auxiliary steam turbines:
    - Steam turbine number, power (Bhp each) 4*2000
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Steam turbine model
    - Generators number, power (kW each)
    - Generator model
MSK 1875-1500
    - Rated voltage (V)
Harbour diesel generators:
    - Diesel engine number, power (Bhp each) 2*1000
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.) 750
    - Engine model 6ChN 31.8/33
    - Generators number, power (kW each) 2*600
    - Generator model MS 99-8/8
    - Rated voltage (V) 400
Emergency diesel generator:
    - Diesel engine number, power (Bhp each) 2*150
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Engine model
6Ch 15/18
    - Generator power (kW)
    - Generator model
MS 117-4
    - Rated voltage (V)
Fish processing plant capacity:
    - Frozen fish (tonnes/24 hrs)
188 (200)
    - Canned fish in can No.19 (cans/24 hrs)
150000 (230000 - can No.3)
    - Fish meal plant capacity (tonnes raw-fish per 24 hrs)
    - Fish-liver oil (tonnes raw material per 24 hrs)
Refrigerated cargo spaces number, total cubic capacity (cub. m)
Dry cargo holds for cans storage (cub. m) 4770 (7204)
Fish meal holds (cub. m) 2400
Fish oil tanks total cubic capacity (cub. m) 130
Ref. temperatures (C) -25
Refrigerants Ammonia
Derricks number, lifting capacity (tonnes) 8*5.0
Cranes number, lifting capacity (tonnes) 6*2.5
Diesel oil tanks (tonnes) 3400
Heavy fuel oil tanks (tonnes) 13000
Fresh water tanks (tonnes)
Vegetable oil tanks (tonnes) 483
Speed (kn) 18.5
Number of beds for crew 605 (610)
Number of units 1
Year of the end of construction of vessels of this type 30.12.1971
Built by Admiralty Shipyard, Leningrad, USSR
        - During construction of a series of vessels of one type, in their design some changes can be made and the above-stated characteristics can be changed insignificantly.
        - The above-stated characteristics belong to the technical design of the vessel "Vostok" (source - Fishing industry fleet. Reference book. 1972). Other possible versions of the corresponding characteristic can be specified in brackets.

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