Research submarine "Severyanka"
design 613

 Submarine was build in 1953 for Soviet Navy with name S-148. In 1957-1958 converted to research vessel and named "Severyanka". In 1967 transferred back to Soviet Navy.
Purpose of the vessel:     - study school of fish
Length (m) 76.06 (design 613)
Breadth (m) 6.64 (design 613)
Load draught, average (m) 4.55 (design 613)
Displacement (tonnes) 50.5
Speed under water (kn) 13.6 (design 613)
Crew (persons) 40
Scientists (persons) 5-9
Operating depth (m) 170
Active submerged work time (days)
Year of building 1953
Built by
SSZ "Krasnoe Sormovo", Gorkiy, USSR

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