"Sever-2" type manned submersible
design 1825


 Two submersibles of this design were built at Leningrad. They operated together with mother vessels "Odissey" and "Ikhtiandr". Final fate of the first vessel unknown, but "Ikhtiandr" was scrapped at Aliaga in 1998. "Sever-2 Bis" in 2017 was at one of shipyards in Bayou La Batre, USA. "Sever-2" laid up many years at Sevastopol.
Purpose of the vessel:     - search and recording of fishery objects, and prediction and estimation of their stock
    - sampling of water, soil and benthos when submerged
    - underwater teleshooting, filming and photography
Length (m) 12.40
Breadth (m) 2.67
Height (m) 4.17
Displacement (tonnes) 39.9
Weight (tonnes) 38.4
Speed under water (kn) 3.5
Crew 3-5
Operating depth (m) 2000
Active submerged work time (hr)
up to 9
Passive submerged period (hr) 72
Power supply
rechargeable batteries
Number of units 2
Years of building 1970-1972
Built by     - "Admiralteyskiy SSZ", Leningrad, USSR
    - "Leningradskoe Admiralteyskoe Obyedinenie", Leningrad, USSR

List of submersibles
Yard. №
Date of built
"Sever-2 Bis"

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