Manned submersible "OSA-3-600"


   "OSA-3-600" - the Manned dynamically stabilized submersible. It was created in 1975 by the Moscow office of the Leningrad institute "Giprorybflot" by request of Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR. In 1976 after tests on the Baltic Sea, the submersible was transferred to the Sevastopol experimental design office on underwater researches. The device was equipped with four vane and steering propellers which allowed to carry out movement in the water environment in all planes, and also to hang over a point.
  She was decommissioned in 1979.
Purpose of the vessel:     -  biological, ichthyological, hydrological, hydrophysical researches
    -  stading of fishery objects
    -  underwater teleshooting, filming and photography
Length (m) 4.50
Breadth (m) 4.50
Height (m) 5.80
Displacement (tonnes) 13
Weight (tonnes) -
Speed under water (kn) 3.0
Crew 3
Operating depth (m) 600
Active submerged work time (hr)
Passive submerged period (hr) 48
Power supply
Number of units 1
Years of building 1976
Built by Mosсow, USSR

        - The above-stated characteristics are taken from the website

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