"Omar" type manned submersible


 Two devices were built by request of Ministry of Fisheries. The submersible "Langust" in 2013 was in Sevastopol, in the State oceanarium of Ukraine.
Purpose of the vessel:     - biological, ichthyological and other researches
    - collection of bottom samples and specimens of marine fauna and flora by means of the manipulator
Length (m) 5.60
Breadth (m) 2.60
Height (m) 3.50
Displacement (tonnes) 9.5
Weight (tonnes) -
Speed under water (kn) 2.1
Crew 3
Operating depth (m) 600
Active submerged work time (hr)
Passive submerged period (hr) 72
Power supply
rechargeable batteries
Number of units 2
Years of building 1987-1988
Built by "Опытное Конструкторское Бюро Специальных Технических Средств", Moscow, USSR

List of submersibles
Yard. №
Date of built
"Омар" ("Omar")
"Лангуст" ("Langust")

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