"Andrey Zakharov" type canning mother ship
design 398


 In total 11 units were built from 1961 to 1967 at Leningrad. Ships of this type carried 12 small fishing boats on board. Also from 1967 to 1969 were built three modified "Korablestroitel Klopotov" type vessels.
  "Aleksandr Obukhov" capsized at Vladivostok on May 04, 1982. "Aleksandr Kosarev" grounded in 1981.
Purpose of the vessel:     - production of fish and crab cans, fish meal, fish oil, fish caviar
    - supply of fishing ships with fuel, water and provisions
Length OA (m) 162.17
Length BP (m) 150.00
Breadth extreme (m) 20.32
Molded breadth (m) 20.00
Depth to upper deck (m) 12.50
Load draught, average (m) 7.02
Displacement (tonnes) 15300
Deadweight (tonnes) 7737
Gross tonnage / Net tonnage (register tons)
12675 / 6275
Carrying capacity (tonnes) 1353
Main engines:

    - Main engine number, power (Bhp each) 2*2000
    - Main engine model
8DR 43/61-V1
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
Auxiliary steam turbines:
    - Steam turbine number, power (Bhp each) 2*1000
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.) 6700
    - Steam turbine model -
    - Generators number, power (kW each) 2*700
    - Generator model MC 940-1000
    - Rated voltage (V) 400
Auxiliary diesel generators:

    - Diesel engine number, power (Bhp each)
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Engine model
6ChN 31.8/33
    - Generators number, power (kW each)
    - Generator model
MS 99-8/8
    - Rated voltage (V)
Emergency diesel generator:
    - Diesel engine power (Bhp)
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Engine model
6Ch 15/18
    - Generator power (kW)
    - Generator model
MS 117-4
    - Rated voltage (V)
Fish processing plant capacity:
    - Can No.6 (cans/24 hrs) 115200
    - Canned salmon in can No.6 (cans/24 hrs) 173000
    - Canned sardine and saury in can No.6 (cans/24 hrs) 188000
    - Fish meal plant capacity (tonnes raw-fish per 24 hrs)
40 (60-70)
    - Fish caviar (tonnes/24 hrs) 1.41
Dry cargo holds for cans storage, total cubic capacity (cub. m) 1845 (+800)
Fish meal hold (cub. m) 695
Fish cooling bunker and caviar storage spaces (cub. m) 600
Cargo hold for fishing tackles (cub. m) 800
Cargo hold for supplies (cub. m) 380
Cargo spaces for ice storage (cub. m) 147
Cargo spaces for salt storage (cub. m) 117
Fish oil tanks total cubic capacity (cub. m) 53
Ref. temperatures (C) -
Refrigerants Ammonia
Derricks number, lifting capacity (tonnes) 10*5.0
Diesel oil tanks (tonnes) 846
Heavy fuel oil tanks (tonnes) 2613
Fresh water tanks (tonnes)
Speed (kn) 12.7
Number of beds for crew 640
Number of units 11
Year of beginning of construction of vessels of this type 1961
Year of the end of construction of vessels of this type 1967
Built by Admiralty Shipyard, Leningrad, USSR
        - During construction of a series of vessels of one type, in their design some changes can be made and the above-stated characteristics can be changed insignificantly.
        - The above-stated characteristics belong to the lead vessel (source - Fishing industry fleet. Reference book. 1972). Other possible versions of the corresponding characteristic can be specified in brackets.

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