Degaussing ship based on design 220 seal hunting vessel


 More then 30 (21?) ships were built in Finland. This ships are modification of "Belek" type seal hunting vessel. Ship has wooden hull.
Several degaussing vessels were converted from ordinary seal hunting vessel but most of them were built as degaussing ships. Four ship (Bulak, Bussol, Vizir and Gals) were converted to small intellegence ships. Two ships were converted to military transports. One ship was transferred to Albania, one was transferred to Syria, one was transferred to Egypt and one was transferred to Algeria.
Length OA (m) 40.53
Length BP (m) -
Molded breadth (m) 9.30
Depth to upper deck (m) -
Load draught, average (m) 3.87
Displacement (tonnes) 659
Deadweight (tonnes) -
Main engine number, power (Bhp each) 1*320
Speed (kn) 9.0
Crew 37
    - Missiles
    - Guns
    - Aviation
Sonar Paltus-MP
Number of units ?
Year of building 1953-1957
Built by   "Laivateollisuus", Turku, Finland

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