Floating dock
design 1758


Length OA (m) 118.40
Length of slipway (m) 102.00
Breadth extreme (m) 29.60
Molded breadth (m) 28.40
Breadth between towers (m) 21.50
Height dimensional with the crane (m) 50.50
Load draught, average (m) 3.32
Unladen draught, average (m) 1.67
Displacement with the lifted vessel (tonnes) 9620
Carrying capacity (tonnes) 4500
Immersion depth (m)
Immersion time without vessel (minutes)
about 90
Emersion time without vessel (minutes) about 65
The sizes and mass of vessels which can be put in dock:

    - Length (m) less then 110
    - Breadth (m) less then 19.7
    - Draught (m) less then 6
    - Mass (tonnes)
Auxiliary diesel generators:

    - Diesel engine number, power (Bhp each)
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Engine model
6ChN 18/22
    - Generators number, power (kW each)
    - Generator model
GSS 114-8лю
    - Rated voltage (V)
    - Current type
Emergency batteries:
    - Storage batteies number, capacity (Ah each) 4*135; 2*54
Cargo cranes:

    - Type KPD5/3,2-15/23-34
    - Quantity 1
    - Loading capacity at a boom outreach from 7 to 15 m (tonnes)
    - Loading capacity at a boom outreach more then 15 m (tonnes) 3
    - Maximum boom outreach (m) 23
Crew (persons) 26
Number of units 9?
Year of beginning of construction of vessels of this type 1971?
Year of the end of construction of vessels of this type 1978?
Built by Gorodetskaya sudoverf, Gorodets, USSR
        - During construction of a series of vessels of one type, in their design some changes can be made and the above-stated characteristics can be changed insignificantly.
        - The above-stated characteristics belong to the vessel "Plavdok-673" (Source: Industrial and maintenance vessels of fishing industry fleet. Reference book. 1989). Other possible versions of the corresponding characteristic can be specified in brackets. 

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