Twin-hulled boat
design 10010


Purpose of the vessel:     - installation and repair of sections for artificial cultivation of laminaria
    - transportation of laminaria to port
Length OA (m) 16.68
Length BP (m) 15.30
Breadth extreme (m) -
Molded breadth (m) 8.65
Depth to upper deck (m) 1.87
Load draught, average (m) 1.29
Displacement (tonnes) 76.6
Deadweight (tonnes) 13.6
Gross tonnage / Net tonnage (register tons)
- / -
Carrying capacity (tonnes) 8
Main engines:

    - Main engine number, power (Bhp each)
    - Main engine model
6ChSP 12/14
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
Shaft generators:
    - Shaft generator model
    - Shaft generators number, power (kW each)
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Rated voltage (V)
    - Current type -
Auxiliary diesel generators:

    - Diesel engine number, power (Bhp each)
    - Speed of rotation (r.p.m.)
    - Engine model
6Ch 10.5/12
    - Generators number, power (kW each)
    - Generator model
MSS 82-4
    - Rated voltage (V)
    - Current type AC
Emergency lighting:

    - Storage batteries number and capacity (Ah each) -
    - Voltage (V)
Dry cargo holds number, total cubic capacity (cub. m) 2*6.0
Derricks number, lifting capacity (tonnes) 2*1.6
Diesel oil tanks (tonnes) 2.8
Heavy fuel oil tanks (tonnes) n/a
Fresh water tanks (tonnes)
Speed (kn) 8.0
Number of beds for crew 6
Number of units 12
Year of beginning of construction of vessels of this type 1983
Year of the end of construction of vessels of this type 1988
Built by Nakhodkinskiy SRZ, Nakhodka, USSR
?AO "Gaydamakskiy SRZ", Livadiya, USSR
        - During construction of a series of vessels of one type, in their design some changes can be made and the above-stated characteristics can be changed insignificantly.
        - The above-stated characteristics belong to the lead vessel (source - Fishing industry fleet. Reference book. 1990). Other possible versions of the corresponding characteristic can be specified in brackets.

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